Frequently Asked Questions

Why is your price so low?

Because we want to work for you for many years to come! Not just for one or two listings. We love our agents and our agents love us. They come back again and again!

How popular is the Matterport 3D Virtual Tour?

Over 10 THOUSAND Matterport 3D tours are performed every MONTH! It is powerful technology that provides the best possible 3D Virtual Tour.

Are you available in my area?

We are based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. If your listing is over 30 miles from Grand Rapids please contact us for a quote that includes mileage.

How long does it take to get my pictures and/or virtual tour[wow_spacing size=”20px”]

We live by a 24-36 hour delivery schedule. Floor plans take 2-4 days to process.

How long does my 3D tour stay active and available to the public?[wow_spacing size=”20px”]

Tours are automatically deleted after 6 months. Contact us if you need an extension. A $25 fee will apply and allows you to keep your tour for an additional full year. You MUST contact us to keep your virtual tour up and running beyond 6 months. Once a Virtual Tour is deleted it can not be recovered.

Do you do rentals, apartments, and condo rentals?[wow_spacing size=”20px”]

Yes. Our normal lowest-in-the-nation price applies. There is a $25 fee per year for keeping each of your Matterport tours active.